A dense veil, woven from myths and tales, history and legends, poetry and stories, conceals from the view of us who are living today, one of the perhaps most remarkable people of the ancient world, a people of nomads, leaving behind neither written evidence, nor impressive buildings, but nevertheless constantly reappear in the tales of ancient historians:

The Amazons.

Up to this day they are prompting speculation, guesswork, and ever new legends.
You will find in these pages:

  • who were the Amazons,
  • where and how did they live,
  • who gave us knowledge about them,
  • what the ancients did write about them,
  • a list of historic names and places,
  • ... and much more.

Please read this first!

Follow me, we are going back in time about 3000 years...

Title picture courtesy Mag.Gerhard Pöllauer, Netzwerk zur Amazonenerforschung
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